Interview with Copywriter Adil Amarsi

Interview with Copywriter Adil Amarsi

Interview Date: Feb. 14, 2020

This is the first interview of the Freelance Copywriter Collective podcast. The interview is with professional copywriter Adil Amarsi, a man who has made $700 million for his clients in trackable revenue.

In the interview, Adil covers tips for writers struggling to position themselves, how he charges for consultation calls, and reveals little-known must-read books for copywriters who are convinced persuasion psychology is the route to copywriting mastery.

For more on Adil, be sure to check out his website, where you can find his copy coaching courses, podcast interviews, and of course, his copywriting services as well.

Additional notes: For a first interview, it went much better than expected. It stirred additional questions, like, “How can copywriters from third-world countries like the Philippines and Nigeria command high rates and position themselves as world-class pros?”

This is a question we’ll keep exploring and coming back to in future episodes, so stay tuned!

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