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The Most Comprehensive 12-Week Copywriter Business Training to Build Your Future

In this 12-week training, Valerio, founder of the Freelance Copywriter Collective, former marketing director, agency creative director, and freelance copywriter, guides you by the hand and shows you everything you ever needed to know about building and running your own copywriting business.


From creating a professional portfolio to learning the in’s and out’s of LinkedIn and positioning for copywriters, you’ll use proven templates and actionable worksheets to launch a fully running professional copywriting business designed for 2021 in just a few weeks.

Valerio Puggioni

Founder of the Freelance Copywriter Collective

Most Copywriters Don’t Get Taken Seriously.
Here’s Why.

When it comes to running a copywriting business, there isn’t one thing that’s going to fix all your problems. Some courses tell you it’s your portfolio. Other courses tell you it’s your cold email approach.
Yes, those are common challenges!… but there are others. Like having successful sales conversations. Identifying your leads. Pricing yourself profitably. How to present your offers. And more.
This program covers the most common challenges freelance copywriters face, and trains you on what’s worked for other successful copywriters.
By starting from the beginning and guiding you every step of the way, you’re taking out the guesswork so you can focus on building a professional copywriting business.

Valerio's "Build Your Copywriting Business": An Elite-Level Course for Professional Copywriters

Hey there, future copywriting business owner!

It’s Valerio. Becoming a writer has been a lifelong goal of mine, even as a wee child. (No joke. I won my first writing award in Grade 2.) So imagine my surprise when I quit my corporate gig as marketing director to live my dream life as a writer, and…


… Crickets …


The gigs never came. Turns out, I hadn’t the slightest clue how to get clients or how to run a copywriting business. I had been sold a glamorous dream in a book on direct response sales letters, and I had woken up in a nightmare.


I spent $200 on a logo. I tossed several thousand more into the fire so I could get the business registered and hire an accountant and all that noise. Soon enough, I saw my savings dwindle, and I realized I had to get to learning reaaaal quick.


I had to borrow money from my parents, who thought I had lost all my marbles. I packed my bags and moved to Bangkok, Thailand, and my friends started expressing their concerns. Others stopped answering my calls.


But since then, I’ve worked with major brands like Oberlo, ZenRevenue, and Unbounce. I also landed a major role with one of the biggest ecomm agencies in Australia as creative director, where I managed the direction of 50+ brands.


In 2018, I founded the Freelance Copywriter Collective for several reasons, but mostly because I wanted to teach others and be surrounded by experts who would help me get further as well.


Last year, we launched a beta coaching program to test out what would become The Copywriting Business Builder. And this year, 2021, my team and I officially launched what you see here, the most comprehensive training that’s been proven to work for myself and for my students.


So if you’re a good writer and you believe all you’re missing is the business side, then we designed this program for you.


I can’t wait to hear all about your success.


Here's a Breakdown of the Curriculum


This extensive module covers the essential principles that turn you from a freelancer to a business owner. Going over not just work but life principles, Valerio discusses how to attain mastery in just about anything, how to build successful habits, and how to build the confidence you need to be perceived as an expert in your field.


One of the most dramatic differences can come from finding a niche. But just because you’ve got a niche doesn’t mean you’re competing against every other copywriter in your niche as well. In this module, find out how to differentiate yourself further, so you can lead the field as an expert, and command the rates and projects you want.


Look over Valerio’s shoulder as he analyzes the elements that make a copywriter’s website work, and those that don’t, from the eyes of a prospect.


Marketing and selling yourself is one of the biggest challenges you face as a copywriter. Whether you’re ready to launch your website or simply go with social media, getting your site copy done is the single best approach to exploring how to sell yourself.


If you have a professional background or experience, this is the place where you can really stand out and separate yourself from the rest of the pack.


Just how do you put together a portfolio if you’ve never actually worked with a real client? This module teaches you everything you need to know about how to write samples your ideal clients will read, and go, “Yes! This is exactly what I’ve been looking for.”


You could present your samples from a Google Drive… or you could send your ideal clients PDFs that are also visually stunning and complement your writing. (You can also put them up on your social media profiles for display!) In this module, we’ll go over how you can make your samples gorgeous, even if you have zero design skills.


One of the biggest struggles with all freelancers is understanding their value and pricing themselves correctly. In this module, you’ll learn how to set your rates and present your services in a way that will help you land those high-paying projects.


Stop wasting time hopping on calls with poor prospects. In this module, you’ll find out how to identify your dream clients, learn ways to draw their attention, and get them to reach out to you.


The crème de la crème when it comes to getting copywriting clients. Valerio and his students have landed 4- to 5-figure projects consistently using only LinkedIn. 


Thought we’d stop at LinkedIn? Cold email still works. Even though the real money is on LinkedIn these days, this classic tactic can still net you highly profitable projects. This module shows you how, and the truth behind cold emailing.


Look over Valerio’s shoulders as he analyzes the elements that make a copywriter’s website work, and those that don’t, from the eyes of a prospect.

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Is This For ME?

You're an implementer

You don’t just sit on your thumbs and absorb knowledge for the sake of absorbing it. You take action every step of the way. You test and see what works, and you test it again.

You’re a sharer (and potential future leader).

You take the initiative and share your wins and your failures with others, because you understand that what benefits the community helps you as well.

You love people and solving problems.

This is a people’s business. As the face of your own company and brand, you’re putting yourself out there to engage with other people’s businesses and understand their problems at a deep level. Doing so will help you close the most profitable projects and build relationships with awesome clients who will want to work with you over the long haul.

You want to get paid more because you know you’re worth more.

You know in your bones that you’re a great writer, but you’re getting paid peanuts for your writing.

Who This is NOT For

Not for copywriters who can’t write

This is NOT a copywriting or writing course. This program assumes that you’re already a good writer. Instead, we take your skill set and teach you how to market yourself and run your own profitable business.

Not for “copywriters” with a toxic mindset

If you’re a complainer, or you aren’t consistent, or you’re close-minded and don’t like taking “No” for an answer in sales, then this is not for you.

Not for selfish people

If you care only about yourself and focus only on closing, then this won’t work for you. We train copywriters how to focus on their clients and their problems. With relationship building, the sale comes more naturally, and it’s easier to build a profitable copywriting business, especially if you think you’re not good at sales.

Not for get-rich-quick dreamers

This isn’t an overnight riches scheme. We teach you how to build a profitable business, and building a business takes time. For some copywriters, this can work in a couple weeks. For others, it could take longer, but making a few thousand dollars a month can and will happen if you stick to it and implement what you learn here.

What makes "Build Your Copywriting Business" Different

I saw a lot of gaps in learning. When I was hiring and training copywriters, I noticed that big name courses didn’t usually translate to quality of work. When I was freelancing, I got real mad that everyone was lowballing me, but I also understood why businesses were taking advantage: Copywriters, good writers who actually knew how to write, didn’t have a clue how to run an actual business. They didn’t understand their own value. So can you blame business owners?

And then, some bad copywriters actually made way more money because they knew how to market themselves. At first, I didn’t get it, but then it made total sense. So I made it my mission to lift the industry as a whole. To create professional copywriting business owners. To give good writers a fighting chance.

So stop guessing, and start building.

Here's what Other Freelance Copywriters
Are Saying About Valerio Puggioni's Training

Jimmy Cooper

CEO of Cooper Consultancy

“I was 3 days from being homeless. I had a good job editing manuals for a major tech company in Taiwan, when unforeseen circumstances forced me to quit and move back to Australia. I was doing fine for a while, but things went from bad to worse pretty quick. Soon enough, I was couch hopping between friends’ places. I started running out of friends to contact, and finally, my mate Brad told me I had to find another place to stay.

It was a lot of nights sleeping in the car from that point… until with Valerio’s much-needed help, I landed a decent copywriting gig from my laptop! He encouraged me further and pushed me until I decided to take the plunge and step out on my own.

I went from making a few hundred bucks a week to 5 figures a month within 6 months. Only a couple years ago, if you had told me I’d be making more in 1 month than I ever did working at my fancy “real” tech job, I would’ve laughed. Anyway, that’s my story. There’s more to it, but you get the gist.

Whatever Valerio’s offering here, take it. The man is a life saver and a true friend.”

Johanna McWeeney

Notable Health & Wellness Copywriter

“I just signed a new client last week. Two landing pages, a nice 4-figure chunk. I’ve been a content writer for years, but only begun learning about copy in the last 12 months. I’ve been consistently undercharging for years.

Valerio has helped me pin down my niche, and put a killer portfolio together. He taught me to know my worth. He’s been super supportive and his business advice has been invaluable.

So here goes the win — my new client, who is so far in my new niche it hurts, sent me some awesome feedback from the first sales page.

All I’m gonna say is, if you spot Valerio’s training up for grabs, don’t miss the chance. He’s a great friend, a great mentor, and he’s helped me do this.”

Ebony Huebner

Food & Beverage eCommerce Sales Copywriter

“I was at a place in my career where I had clients and results. I was happy with my income working part-time. But I didn’t have a business!

Valerio is charming and has a wicked sense of humor, so I took the plunge. I knew it was time to upgrade my hodgepodge of daily activities and build a real business.

I’m near the end of the course and I feel relieved and optimistic. I have a plan for going forward that is realistic and doable for me!”

It was a lot of nights sleeping in the car from that point… until with Valerio’s much-needed help, I landed a decent copywriting gig from my laptop! He encouraged me further and pushed me until I decided to take the plunge and step out on my own.

I went from making a few hundred bucks a week to 5 figures a month within 6 months. Only a couple years ago, if you had told me I’d be making more in 1 month than I ever did working at my fancy “real” tech job, I would’ve laughed. Anyway, that’s my story. There’s more to it, but you get the gist.

Whatever Valerio’s offering here, take it. The man is a life saver and a true friend.”

Aaron Walker

Crypto Copywriter

“It’s worth every penny you’re going to spend. It’s worth every cent. And to boot, Valerio’s pretty awesome as a person. On top of offering a program that’s chock-full of amazing insights, it will really help you position yourself for great success going forward.” [On the Penciled Eagle Training]

Juan Pablo Sans

Sales Copywriter for Coaches

“I want to thank Valerio for all his efforts and all this amazing training. Thanks to him, I’ve been able to make back my investment, and I’m only halfway through.

Because I had invested $35,000 on coaches in the past, I was really skeptical of the offer at first. But once I started, I started getting clients and inquiries and so on, so if you’re a serious copywriter, this is required training.”

Jodie Norman

Health & Wellness Copywriter

“I felt as though Valerio knew all my fears and hesitations about getting started.
He provided practical advice, tools and processes to combat them all. This… has stopped
the overwhelm- I feel confident and excited about my new business.”

Amy Wilson


“I’m finding the content to be so helpful. This is really helpful to me as I start my new business and figure out how to use my professional and academic strengths to bring value to clients. You got me to define that better than anyone else has to date—thank you. I look forward to learning more from you!”

Chima MMeje

SEO Copywriter for SaaS & Tech Brands

“Valerio is a true gem. He’s one of the few people who is genuinely passionate about helping freelance copywriters run an efficient and successful business. I was fortunate to meet him at a time when I needed clarity to decide who I wanted to work for, and how to connect with decision makers.”

Chris Ricansider Atiles-Velazquez

Copywriter & Musician

I LOVED the [fundamentals] course — finished it all in a single sitting. Going to read the “Start Here” book next. This is going to be an awesome resource I can go back to time and time again 💯

ACT NOW and You Get All of These Bonuses!

Bonus #1

Students-Only Facebook Group
where we answer all your questions

Get your specific copywriting business questions and challenges answered

Don’t just listen to me. Join like-minded copywriting business owners who are in the field all day, every day, getting things done. Whatever your current challenges are, someone’s been there already, and the answers are in this group. All you need to do is ask.

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Bonus #2

No Drip Feeding!

Get INSTANT access to the entire program

No feeding you content every week, so you can focus on where your holes are. You’re not a child, and we’re not about holding you back. We all have different challenges, and we’re all at different stages. So wherever you’re at, address what you think are your biggest gaps first. Or if simply going through the program faster is your thing, who are we to restrict content and unlock it on a weekly basis, like other programs do?

Get This FREE When You Order
The Copywriting Business Builder Today!

Bonus #3

Look-Over-My-Shoulder course on launching
your copywriting business website

Build your copywriting website step by step. (No design or coding experience required.)

This isn’t your average website-building course. It’s geared specifically for freelance copywriters. I came up with it when I realized that most copywriting websites are no bueno when it comes to selling themselves to their dream clients. So I gave myself a challenge: Build a website from scratch, with no help from my designer/life partner and 100% no coding. It took me 4 days, and here it is in full. You literally build your website by looking over my shoulder and following along. Oh, and it complements the “Writing Your Website Copy” module in the Copywriting Business Builder Program flawlessly.

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The Copywriting Business Builder Today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this another copywriting course?

Nope. You will learn no copy here. Instead, what you get is a proven system and the most in-depth and actionable training on how to stop competing against other freelance copywriters at the bottom, and start making serious money, provided you know how to write. You get templates, action sheets, a private Facebook group with direct access to Valerio and the team, and so much more. 

Will this work for me?

Maybe. Maybe not. That depends on too many variables, the most important of which is you. The Copywriting Business Builder training is working for other copywriters right now. Let’s put it this way: If you’re a tire kicker, someone who buys and just sits on the info without taking action, this isn’t going to work for you. But if you’re diligent, well organized, and a go-getter, this could be the missing piece that will change your business, and potentially your life. At the Collective, we’re not in the business of selling dreams. What you have here is training that will be extremely powerful and useful in the right hands.

What happens after I order?

You get full and immediate access to the entire training program and the private Facebook group. This includes literally hours of training, from positioning for copywriters, building your lead list step by step, identifying your dream clients, how to use LinkedIn to communicate with your prospects, build your copywriting website, cold email, and so much more. You know that decent cold emailing courses out there that go for $300 to $500 a piece. We wanted to offer you something different, something more complete, that was way more affordable and valuable than anything else out there.

Are there any refunds?

There are no refunds, but the first module is open for everyone, so you can try it out. This way, you know what you’re getting. You’re also welcome to check out the Collective blog, and if you find the info there valuable, then you’ll have your mind blown by the Copywriting Business Builder training.

How do I know your program can help me?

Valerio has seen the other side. He built creative teams at 2 startups and one agency (one of the top 100 agencies in the world). He’s literally hired and trained dozens of copywriters, writers, editors, designers, video editors, translators and more, so he knows exactly what companies are looking for.

Valerio has worked with some of the biggest in the business, from Oberlo to Unbounce to ZenRevenue and Right Hook. And he’s also coached experienced copywriters who have benefited from some serious eye-opening changes with the training you’re about to get.

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